ODIS 2008 In Pictures

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Many thanks to Alonzo Young for sending these photos. As you can see in the following images, ODIS engaged a spectrum of community voices on technology access and community internet issues in Oakland. Youth, elders, women, and communities of color diversified discussions and plenary sessions – making for an innovative day that inspired new audiences to become involved in digital inclusion programs and advocacy efforts in Oakland and beyond. To learn more about Media Alliance’s broadband work in Oakland, call Eloise, Broadband Access Project Director at 510-832-9000, or visit the Media Alliance website.


Davey D.’s number one fan and mother, Peggy D., takes a moment to catch up with ODIS 2008 Coordinator and Media Alliance Broadband Access Project Director Eloise S. Lee (left) before the opening festivities.


Kiana, the daughter of First Voice Co-Director Rainjita Yang-Gessler, finds a quiet corner amidst all the networking.


Dancing Feathers, a Native American Youth Pow-wow dance troupe, welcomes participants with their energy and spirit.




A visual from the morning plenary, “Bridging the Gap: How Communities Attack the Digital Divide”.


Cynthia Mackey, consultant and member of the Mayor Dellums Citizen Task Force on Universal Access, listens to comments from ODIS participants.


David Glover, the Executive Director of the Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal, discusses their approach to bridging the digital divide in East Oakland through the development of Eastmont Computing Center and Lion Creek Crossings – a technology access hub in the heart of what was notoriously known as 6-9 Village. Depicted in the film New Jack City, 6-9 Village is now home to Lion Creek Corssings, a mixed income housing community featuring a state of the art technology center that welcomes community residents, youth, and seniors to use their facility free of charge.


Laura Valdez, Executive Director of Caminos Pathways in San Francisco’s Mission District, describes their innovative approach in engaging Latino immigrant women in digital inclusion programs as both users and content creators.


Dr. Faye McNair-Knox, Executive Director of One East Palo Alto, sheds insight on the need to build value for technology in historically marginalized neighborhoods.



Solomon Hill, Technology Director at One East Palo Alto, describes their approach to building a sustainable and community driven wireless network in East Palo Alto, CA.



Xavier Leonard, Executive Director of Heads on Fire in San Diego, speaks passionately on approaches that stimulate under represented voices to create their own content through emerging media and internet technologies.


Esme Vos, Founder of Muniwireless(dot)com describes the municipal wireless networks that are underway in European countries – proving that, comparatively, the U.S. has still a ways to go in creating a business model that is sustainable and community driven.


Greg Epler Wood from Vermont’s tri-play ownership project offers a refreshing approach to broadband access in the U.S.




In between plenary and break out sessions, ODIS participants gathered around tables and info booths showcasing the programs and projects of Bay Area media and digital inclusion advocacy groups, including the National Radio Project, OTX-West, Eastmont Computing Center, Media Action Marin, ZeroDivide, Community Technology Network and the First Voice Apprenticeship Program at KPFA.


Laura Flynn from the Women of Color Resource Center, answers questions.


Lisa Rudman from the National Radio Project, prepares for the next wave of visitors.


Marnie De Guzman from One Economy and Rene De Guzman from the Oakland Museum discuss points covered in Davey D.’s keynote presentation (far right).


Martha Wallner, Media Alliance and ODIS 2008 volunteer, greets participants at the registration table.



ODIS 2008 Highlighted by the Media Democracy Coalition

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Many thanks to Nathaniel James from the Media and Democracy Coalition (MDC) for featuring ODIS in their weekly media newsletter. ODIS was a success! Both the program and participants mirrored the richness and diversity of Oakland. Representatives from Center for Digital Storytelling, Women of Color Resource Center, East Bay Asian Youth Center and other community based groups in Oakland complemented panel sessions focused on grassroots solutions to bridging the digital divide, as well as policy making strategies that support the creation of broadband, tech access, and community internet networks. Media Alliance, the primary coordinators of ODIS, would like to thank all the speakers, panelists, performers…and most of all, the participants for making ODIS 2008 an engaging, inspiring and powerful event.

Pleases check digi-I regularly for ODIS wrap ups, media from ODIS and other resources to help with digital inclusion efforts in your area.

By Popular Demand – ODIS Reader Articles Now Available

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For those of you who weren’t able to obtain a summit reader or CD, don’t fret. They are now available for download below:

Media Alliance, A Digital Inclusion Advocacy Toolkit: Bridging the Digital Divide by Winning Community Benefits in Municipal Broadband Projects

The Philadelphia Story: Learning from a Municipal Wireless Pioneer

Broadband for All? A Consensus Conference on Municipal Broadband, Final Report and Recommendations

Public Engagement in Municipal Broadband Policy: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Consensus Conference

Municipal Broadband: A Background Briefing Paper

Localizing the Internet: Five Ways Public Ownership Solves the U.S. Broadband Problem

Municipal Broadband: Demystifying Wireless and Fiber-Optic Options

The State of Connectivity: Building Innovation Through Broadband

Tomorrow is THE BIG Day…ODIS 2008! See You There!

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For those of you who have already registered – THANK YOU!  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! For those of you who have yet to register – don’t worry, you can register on-site.  Registration starts at 10:00 a.m.  Just look for the green and white ODIS signs to direct you.  We will see you in the morning.  Dream sweet…

The Nascency of a Powerful Thing

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The Oakland Digital Inclusion Summit is hours away now, and we are expecting an AWESOME roster of speakers and presenters. Oakland is full of organizations and individuals that work hard to give back to their community. When I listen to and watch the young people of this community, I sense the nascent fruit of that investment. A key to the integral growth of Oakland’s generations, like anywhere else, is access to knowledge. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) facilitate that access. Through ICTs, people have more information at their fingertips with less cost to receive that information. But access to ICTs is only the beginning. Communities like Oakland must adopt digital inclusion strategies to promote affordable and reliable technologies accessible to everyone in their own language, as well as the availability of the technical training needed to use those technologies. The repercussions of such a policy could be monumental.

Be the spark that lights this fire. Join us at the Oakland Digital Inclusion Summit, 10 a.m., Friday, February 15th at Laney College.

Community-Based Digital Inclusion Efforts

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Wow! There are just too many amazing Oakland groups with digital inclusion efforts to fit into this blog before ODIS! Come to the Summit this Friday at Laney College to check out these groups and more:

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Keynote Speaker – Davey D

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ODIS is thrilled to launch our main events on Friday with a keynote speech by Bay Area hip hop authority Davey D.


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